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Cinema Verde Presents: Change Makers: The Global Race to Save Our Seas
Cinema Verde Presents: Change Makers: The Global Race to Save Our Seas

Past Presentation | Advancements in the fishing industry have led to devastating consequences, not just for sea life being hunted to extinction, but for communities around the world who depend on the ocean’s bounty to survive. CHANGE MAKERS brings together scientists, fishermen, activists and more to chronicle how our relationship with sea life turned from one of harvesting resources to engaging in exploitative and dangerous practices. It highlights how the fishing industry has left vulnerable communities displaced and starving. It shows how people remain ignorant of the destruction of aquatic ecosystems through marketing manipulation. And it explains how subsidies provided to Big Fishing have allowed the industry to continue making a profit off what should be unprofitable, unsustainable practices. But most importantly, CHANGE MAKERS educates the viewer on an exciting opportunity to set these wrongs right through a historic agreement by The World Trade Organization that would curb these subsidies, protect the environment, and create an incentive to alter the current state of the fishing industry. If 109 nations can come together and sign the agreement in 2024, we could begin to undo the damage industrial fishing has been causing for over a century. However, at the moment, not enough countries have signed, leaving our future in a precarious position, balancing between the continuation of environmental catastrophe or the implementation of healing progress. To achieve success, we cannot just depend on the change makers featured in the film. Everyone needs to embrace their ability to be a change maker and call on their representatives to push through the agreement. Together, we can rewrite the pattern of history and make a better future. CHANGE MAKERS is more than a film. It is a plea for help. It is a call to action.

Cinema Verde Presents: Mentawai - Souls of the Forest
Cinema Verde Presents: Mentawai - Souls of the Forest

Past Presentation | The last indigenous people of Mentawai, a small archipelago south-west of Sumatra, are fighting with creative resistance to preserve their ancient culture and rainforest. A culture on the verge of extinction - with the latest geopolitical developments, the destruction of their habitat reaches the point of no return. Smashing the hopes of thirty years of democratization in Indonesia, Jakarta in relapse to authoritarian rule is enforcing deforestation in Mentawai. In collaboration with investigative journalist Febrianti and indigenous foundations, our film portrays indigenous culture, history and resistance up to the most recent developments in geopolitical of Indonesia's growing environmental degradation. Connect with all your heart and senses: see, feel, touch, smell life in the jungle. The cinematic and compassionate camera conveys an intimate and sensual experience of the indigenous life on Mentawai with its beauty and vulnerability. Three shamans are the main characters in the film, hunter-gatherers in a culture predating even traditions of weaving or pottery, archaic traditions with their own complexity. The film portrays daily life of the indigenous tribe, their spiritual cosmos and their commitment to preserving their own culture and natural habitat. Logging companies threaten the fragile eco-system of the islands. Rare historic footage and archive materials tell the story of decades of oppression of the indigenous culture – but also of the resilience of our main characters and the last tribes living in the jungle. The main character, Father Laulau had been a leader in this struggle for decades, meeting the governor on Sumatra in a key point of history. The latter part of the film explores the geopolitical context and shows a new generation joining our main characters in the fight for the preservation of both their environment and culture – as part of a larger movement in Indonesia. The project started by indigenous initiative: Martison Siritoitet from Indigenous foundation Suku Mentawai (http:/ invited director Joo Peter to Mentawai and a long-term collaboration started including also Mentawai Indigenous Education Program ( The film is one of a planned series of films celebrating the diversity and richness of the Indonesian indigenous culture.

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