Cinema Verde’s mission is to provide environmental education to the public through film, arts, workshops, events, tours and any other forum or media; to increase public awareness of environmental practices that enhance public health and improve quality of life in urban, suburban and rural settings.

We bring community organizations, businesses and citizens together to help forge sustainable solutions for our future.

MEET Our Team

Trish Riley

Trish Riley is an award-winning journalist and author who has covered environmental issues for national and international publications since 1992. Trish is also founding director of Cinema Verde, an environmental channel and film festival, and publisher of GoGreenNation news. Trish's goal with these projects is to raise awareness of environmental concerns and showcase sustainable businesses to help forge a sustainable future. She likes to play with glass in her spare time.

Sarisha Boodoo

Sarisha Boodoo is a senior at the University of Florida, majoring in Political Science and Sustainability Studies. She currently serves as the Outreach and Management Intern at Cinema Verde. Her academic interests are rooted in her passions for studying the intersection of our environment, alongside political and social issues. Sarisha is proud of her family’s Trinidadian heritage. She acknowledges how much her culture's appreciation of the natural land and oceans has influenced much of her sustainability habits. In her free time, you can find Sarisha exploring her newfound love of roller skating, catching up on films, or scouting local critters to befriend!

Christine Heinrichs

Christine Heinrichs writes from her home on California’s Central Coast. She keeps a backyard flock of about a dozen hens. She follows coastal issues, writing a regular column on the Piedras Blancas elephant seal rookery for the San Luis Obispo Tribune. Her narrative on the Central Coast condor flock will appear in Ten Spurs 2021 edition.Her book, How to Raise Chickens, was first published in 2007, just as the local food movement was starting to focus attention on the industrial food system. Backyard chickens became the mascot of local food. The third edition of How to Raise Chickens was published in January 2019. The Backyard Field Guide to Chickens was published in 2016. Look for them in Tractor Supply stores and online.She has a B.S. in Journalism from the University of Oregon and belongs to several professional journalism and poultry organizations.

Alec Kissoondyal

Alec Kissoondyal is an intern at Cinema Verde and a student at the University of Florida currently pursuing a degree in English. He is also a writer for Narrow Magazine and an ambassador for the Florida Hemingway Society. His poetry and fiction have been published in Zephyr literary journal. In his spare time, Alec enjoys reading, creative writing, exploring nature parks, and listening to anything released by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds.

Miranda Villarroel

Miranda Villarroel is a senior at the University of Florida where she is majoring in English. As an immigrant from Venezuela, she has learned the importance of education and being informed. This passion for education and human rights advocacy has led her to create Cima360 News with her mother, who is a journalist. Cima360 News is a news organization that seeks to expose abuses of power and hold people and institutions accountable for the problems they have created. Miranda is also very interested in sustainability and other sociopolitical issues. In her free time, she loves hiking, writing short stories, white water rafting, and spending time with her cat.

Megan Kosove

Megan Kosove is a senior English major at the University of Florida. Currently, her project as a student intern is archival and director outreach. She enjoys reading and writing in her spare time and has a passion for literature of all kinds. When Megan is at home, she loves to do both her work and her hobbies while cuddling with her cat, Diana. In the future, Megan hopes that she may help her community through spreading her knowledge and passions.

Trevor Collins

Trevor Collins is an alumni of Full Sail University's film program. He currently serves as Cinema Verde's Video Editing Intern. He has a passion for storytelling and likes to use his skills to elevate important stories. He is of English ancestry and has family that has lived in Florida for centuries. In his free time, Trevor enjoys watching films, playing basketball or reading a good book.

Maia Botek

Maia Botek is a third-year journalism major and Spanish minor student at the University of Florida who has grown up in South Florida throughout her entire life. As the daughter of a Jamaican father and part-Norwegian mother, an understanding of cultures, diversity and the world around her has always been an important facet in Maia's life which has resulted in a love of the environment, travel and education. She loves spending time outdoors and with friends, especially at the beach, which she loves. Maia is interested in utilizing journalism to educate others on the importance of the Earth's natural resources and ensuring a sustainable and equitable future for all.

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