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Cinema Verde Podcasts present

Orion Pahl

Bury Me at Taylor Hollow
Orion Pahl

Cinema Verde presents an interview with Director Orion Pahl about his film "Bury Me at Taylor Hollow." "Bury Me at Taylor Hollow" follows the growing pains of Larkspur as they set out to raise $210,000 to buy 112 acres for both natural burial and conservation. With breathtaking footage and intimate moments of a soul finding its way, director Orion Pahl and writer/editor Rebekah Pahl weave an unforgettable glimpse into a new way of approaching death. More than just a film about death, Bury Me is about the through-line present in all our lives if we keep our ears close to the ground and listen. Our full catalog of video interviews and streaming films is available to members at

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