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Cinema Verde Podcasts present

Annalaura di Luggo

Napoli Eden
Annalaura di Luggo

Cinema Verde presents an interview with Annalaura di Luggo, producer of Napoli Eden. Annalaura di Luggo, Neapolitan artist and visionary, proposes a bold concept of cultural and social rebirth for her city by transforming discarded scraps of recycled aluminum into works of art, enlisting the aid of some troubled teenagers from the Spanish Neighborhood and offering them a new perspective on life…. A Journey into the light "Napoli Eden will premiére in Rome at the Italian PARLIAMENT on October 6, 2020" The whole story is the adventure of the Neapolitan artist Annalaura di Luggo (awarded at the 58th Venice Biennale) who is about to face the city of Naples for the installation of her gigantic works, made using recycled aluminum waste. Our full catalog of video interviews and streaming films is available to members at

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