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Cinema Verde Asks GNV

Cypress & Grove Brewing Company
1001 Northwest 4th Street
Gainesville, FL 32601
August 17, 2022
7:00 pm
9:00 pm
Cinema Verde Asks GNV

Candidate's Forum & Environmental Film Screening Gainesville

Cinema Verde is pleased to present another live film screening focusing on local environmental concerns and sustainable solutions. And since we know that those solutions depend on good governance and solid science, we invite all whose names are on the Alachua County Ballot for our August elections to join us and share your thoughts and positions on environmental topics affecting our community.

It is important to remember that environmental issues are not political issues; they affect the health and well-being of all citizens and all living creatures on Earth, regardless of religion, skin color, geographic region, language or economic status. While some entities have used these issues to divide and manipulate us, the motivations were clearly about profit, not health. Sometimes money isn’t the most important thing…like when one’s home is lost to raging wildfires, or when a child’s health and intelligence potential are damaged and his DNA altered by uncontrolled chemicals in his water and food.

So many of our problems come down to petrochemicals which poison and pollute us now that we have unearthed them from the ground. The scientists who discovered the many ways that oil could be used to create synthetic chemicals for fertilizers and medicines, energy and plastics did not know they were unleashing poisons on us, but now we do know. It is far beyond time to put a stop to their use and proliferation. We need competent leadership to guide us into a healthy future. Cinema Verde is here to bring you knowledge about our environmental concerns and the solutions we need at, where you'll find the world's environmental news each day as well as films we've curated over the years with important stories from around the world.

Please join us to discuss local environmental concerns and solutions with Florida candidates in the upcoming election. We’ll meet in person 7-9 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 17 at Cypress and Grove Brewery, 1001 NW 4th St., Gainesville, Florida 32601. @Eddy’sPatty food truck will be on hand for your convenience so it will be dinner-and-a- movie night.  

We look forward to a thoughtful discussion about your future and your children’s health!

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