Sponsorship Opportunities: We are rocking into gear to create the best Cinema Verde ever, and you can be a part of it and help! Get involved and enjoy it with us!

· VIP Opening Night

· Receptions/Food each afternoon/evening

· Festival Hotel (Prefer one place for visiting directors to stay together to facilitate discussions, friendships, transportation to venues and events. Nearest hotels: Hampton Inn, Wyndham, Florida Lodge…)

· Transportation: Green cars to provide lifts for attendees to various events; (OR) vehicles for “staff volunteers” to use to transport attendees to/fro events and for other festival tasks; or Green Van or Bus to transport guests.

· Filmmaker Sponsors: Underwrite travel and accommodations for filmmakers to attend - many are international!

· Film License Sponsor: Underwrite film submission fees for filmmakers who request waivers (Please let me know if you have any ideas - this one needs to be addressed ASAP so we can review several films with outstanding fee waiver requests)*

· Film sponsors: Underwrite specific screening and participate in discussion following.

· There will be other sponsorship opportunities, of course. :)


We've been receiving many film submissions, but also a lot of filmmakers asking for waivers on the nominal submission fee we charge to cover the cost of advertising the call for films. Last year I had to decline the requests (many of which came from Iran and other countries where they say they are not able to transmit funds out of the country), which saddens me greatly because those are some of the ones that have the most dramatic and under-published true tales of environmental concern, and our goal at Cinema Verde is to help bring such issues to the attention of the public, which is the only way anyone would begin to consider helping to address such issues.

  1. I am seeking a Sponsor to underwrite existing and incoming submissions which include a waiver request. Sponsors receive various negotiable benefits depending on their level of contribution.  Please let us know how you can help! Sponsors@CinemaVerde.org

Become a Sponsor   <>   Contact Trish@cinemaverde.org

Our wonderful sponsors, partners, and friends who make the Festival possible:

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