Saturday Feb 10, 2018

Participatory Action & Community-Based Conservation: Human-Centered Approaches to Saving Elephants with Ron Chandler, Saturday, Feb 10, 1:00 pm  Akira Workshop, beside Heartwood Soundstage.  A conversation about why the needs of the people in a elephant habitat must be considered first in order to determine how to effectively save elephants.  Ron Chandler has 25 of experience in various fields of environmental science including limnology, hydrology, and ecology, and 10 years of experience in education and research in psychology, urban ecology, and sustainability. He is an Lecturer at University of Florida, Department of Psychology, and President, Co-founder, and Co-PI for Conservation Initiative for the Asian Elephant (CIFAE). CIFAE is currently working to establish an UNESCO Dual-Status World Heritage Site in Meghalaya, India, one of the most biodiverse areas remaining on Earth. “ Elephants Can’t Jump” will be screened at Heartwood Soundstage Saturday 11:00 am Film Block.

Femme in Film with Genevieve Curtis, Saturday, Feb 10 2:00 pm  Akira Workshop beside Heartwood Soundstage: Femme in Film Genevieve Curtis the organizer of Gainesville, Florida’s recent Women’s March will be hosting a fascinating workshop Femme In Film.  A woman’s story told in film is a powerful way to keep marching! Genevieve Curtis, is a Filmmaker and Artist with an M.A. from New York University in Digital Media and Film.  She is also an Adjunct Lecturer at the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications.

Learning About Alachua County's Solar Co-op with Heaven Campbell Saturday, Feb 10 at 3:00 pm  Akira Workshop beside Heartwood Soundstage. Heaven Campbell, a proud native Floridian, will give an enlightening talk on Alachua County Solar Co-op Highlights followed by answers to the questions that the audience may have about anything solar. “Catching the Sun” will then be screened at Heartwood Soundstage on Saturday, in the 3:50pm Film Block.  

Sunday Feb 11, 2018

Documentary Filmmaking in the 21st Century with Gabriel Kipling TynerSunday, Feb 11 at 1:00pm Akira Workshop beside Heartwood Soundstage:  Documentary Filmmaking in the 21st Century with Gabriel Tyner an independent Producer and Director based in Orlando, Florida will give a workshop on Documentary Filmmaking in the 21st Century.  From shooting techniques all the way to distribution Gabriel  will discuss the many way documentary films have changed and how easy distribution has become. Gabriel previously worked as a director and producer for TV20 in Gainesville, and Fox News in Orlando, Florida. He has produced several documentaries including one in our Film Festival “Steroids Are Bad For The Brain” on Saturday night in the 8:15 pm Film Block. Currently, Gabriel is working on a short film about saving the Florida panther and an original faith based feature film “Man Eater.

Script Writing for Film & TV with Mark DeGasperiSunday, Feb 11, 3:00 pm, Akira Workshop beside Heartwood Soundstage. Mark DeGasperi workshop on Script Writing for Film & TV will focus on breaking down fundamentals of dramatic plot and characters.  Mark DeGasperi the producer of “The Stolen River” which is screening in the Saturday 3:50 pm Film Block. He has been a manager, writer, script doctor, lecturer and professional story analyst in New York for twelve years. Mark has read and scouted screenplays, stage plays and books for film and TV adaptation, most recently for Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Robert DeNiro`s Tribeca Productions and Miramax Films.  Previously, he has covered material for Universal Pictures, New Line Cinema, the William Morris Agency, Jonathan Demme`s Clinica Estetico, Stanley Jaffe`s Jaffilms, Imagine Films and Polygram Films. He teaches Advanced Screenwriting (Screenwriting III) at New York University/SCPS, and a Marketing Your Screenplay seminar at NYU. He has received an NYU/SCPS Award for Service.