Cinema Verde Siberia


June 5th, 2017

I finally arrived Khanty–Mansiysk, 2 days and 6 airports later… I left home at dawn, and arrived at dawn, though it was only about 2 am here. This must be the land of the midnight sun. Our host Julia calls it “The White Night.” It is beautiful here and about 55 degrees F, so I might not need my suitcase full of sweaters for Siberia – It was showing 36 degrees when I packed.

Although my travels were long, they were not unpleasant. I was excited all the way here though and a bit weary by the time I got to Moscow, and I still had 10 hours before the last leg of the journey which took off from another airport about 2 hours away. I thought some colleagues would meet me there to explore the city, but that didn’t work out, so from JFK I contacted a tour company in Moscow to show me Red Square and carry me to the next airport. But my Phone, wifi, nothing worked and I couldn’t connect with the driver, until a passerby kindly asked if he could help, put through the call and the driver and I found each other by waving our hands in the car lot.  Most Moscovians don’t speak English but I found a few and got by… Customs was no problem, the Russian Officers are very grim-faced through the process. When we got to Red Square I was excited to see the beautiful St. Basil’s Cathedral, that iconic Russian place with colorful towers that had always enchanted me as a child. Of course my camera switched to black and white when I snapped a few photos… Brilliant! Luckily I managed to get one good one…  didn’t notice the color deficit till much later! The sun was setting as we boarded the last plane - at 10:30 pm - and was rising again when we arrived 4 hours later. I've been traveling 2 days and 2 nights. Gnight!

-Trish Riley